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Forever Amy' is an overwhelming journey through the music and live performances of Amy Winehouse. A memorable show that expresses

the extravagant artist so faithfully that you believe that Amy herself is on stage, as the shining center of her band.

LOCATION : Belgium, The Nederlands, Germany, Austria, Switserland

CLIENT : Peter Boone Music Productions, Retro Live

OUR TASKS : Full Production, Light Design, Operators


PARTNERS : L&L Stage Service, Pixelscreen

Lighting Design : Kevin Cornelis

Lighting Operator : Kevin Cornelis

Sound Operator : Stijn Verschuren

Decor Design : Gardy Verhoeven

Forever Amy is an immersive journey through Amy Winehouse's music and live performances. 

A memorable show, which the extravagant artist interprets so faithfully that you believe that Amy herself is on stage, 

as the radiant center of her band.

That is the credit of the Sicilian jazz and soul wonder Alba Plano. She is accompanied by Amy’s original band members who knew the jazz diva best and who want to keep her musical legacy alive with this fantastic show. Musical director and bassist Dale Davis, keyboard player Xantone Blacq, guitarist Hawie Gondwe, drummer Nathan Allen and saxophonist and flutist Jim Hunt, are all seasoned top musicians who reached the world top of pop music with Amy Winehouse.

Alba Plano is completely in her element as lead singer in this formation. Amy Winehouse was the great inspiration for her musical career, and this is evident from the authentic and respectful way in which she revives the top songs of the jazz and soul diva. With her extraordinary vocal qualities, Alba is the perfect voice for the musical journey through Amy's repertoire. But also the style and presentation on stage that La Winehouse made her so beloved by her fans, she knows wonderfully well to match.

Amy Winehouse was a phenomenon in her genre. A film about her life won another Oscar for best documentary in February. The show "Forever Amy" does justice to the great influence she has had on the music world. A moving tribute to a wonderful woman who sold her soul to music.

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